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Brain-gut connection explains why integrative treatments can help relieve digestive ailments

During the 20th century, medicine became very good at compartmentalizing different systems of the body in order to understand them better. However, today we are increasingly realizing that different systems of the body are interconnected and cannot be completely understood in isolation. The brain-gut connection is one very important example of this phenomenon. Anatomy of… Read More »

Vlogger with 'miserable' digestive condition fitted with permanent feeding tube: 'It basically gave me my life back'

Hannah Ritchie now needs a feeding back due to her chronic digestive condition. (SWNS) A brave student — who will never eat a meal again due to a chronic digestive condition — has found solace in vlogging on YouTube to help others. Hannah Ritchie, 20, will never enjoy her favorite pizza, cookies or steak and… Read More »