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PROUD qualitative findings: PrEP’s impact on sexual behaviour

Many participants described fluctuating patterns of sexual risk taking over time. This was influenced by various personal factors (such as age, stage of life, relationship status, engaging in chemsex or not, depression and so forth), with PrEP not necessarily playing the main role. In certain instances, there were unexpected decreases in sexual risk-taking after starting… Read More »

Editorial: Climate change and the immigrant caravan's impact 
on healthcare

The caravan of Central American migrants making 
its way north may well determine the future of 
healthcare in America. If enough voters are swayed by President Donald Trump’s demagogic demonization of those unfortunate souls—this year’s October surprise—the Republicans will retain control of Congress and the protections and insurance expansion contained in the Affordable Care Act… Read More »

Two boys, 4 and 7, with mysterious polio-like illness reveal devastating impact the virus has left

They cry in their hospital beds: Mothers of two boys diagnosed with mysterious polio-like illness reveal their sons’ heartbreaking struggle to breathe, move, and come to terms with their paralysis Sebastian Bottomley, seven, of York, Pennsylvania came down with a common cold two years ago Within days he was left paralyzed and doctors diagnosed him… Read More »