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Innovation or Disruption?

Sue Schade, Principal, StarBridge Advisors (Former CIO, Univ. Michigan Hospitals & Health Centers) “You only call it a disruption because you didn’t create it – stop being disrupted, innovate.” That was one of the messages in the opening keynote from Terry Jones at the fifth annual Thought Leaders on Access Symposium (ATLAS) in Boston this… Read More »

Poll: Apple vs. Android: What's your innovation strategy?

Apple and Google’s Android are in many ways exact diametrically opposed when it comes to innovation strategies. Apple is steadfast in its control to the point of being proprietary while the Android ecosystem stems from open source roots and encourages other companies — both smartphone hardware makers and upstart app developers alike — to innovate… Read More »

Apple vs. Android: Which does your hospital's innovation strategy resemble?

Apple and Android are famously known for two very different approaches to computing and innovation. Apple has tall castle walls and a moat surrounding its products and innovation strategy – no one can get through. Conversely, Android is open to one and all and encourages outsiders to innovate with its open operating system. Health systems,… Read More »