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4 Winter Workout Reminders for Women

4 Winter Workout Reminders for Women Heading out into the snowy landscape for an outdoor winter workout? Whether you’re running, hiking, cycling, or simply going for your daily walk, exercising outside during the pristine winter months can offer you unique benefits. Cold weather workouts are chilling yet thrilling, there are fewer people out and about… Read More »

How Does Music Affect Your Workout?

How Does Music Affect Your Workout? How Does Music Affect Your Workout? Music has spontaneous effects on our body. Our body have tendency to react to different pitches of music in different creative ways. Music enters from your ear to your brain and synchronizes your heart beat and body actions according to its beats. Music really… Read More »

Mark Wahlberg's Insane Workout Schedule Was Too Much for James Corden

After Mark Wahlberg posted his grueling workout schedule to Instagram back in September, James Corden decided he wanted to see if he could keep up with strict regimen. Spoiler alert: He can’t. Mark Wahlberg’s daily routine InstagramMark Wahlberg On The Late Late Show Wednesday, Corden documented the experience for a segment of his show. The… Read More »